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Michelle's Naturally
Founded 2002

Michelle was born and raised in Guyana in South America.  Everything she bakes has a Caribbean flair to it. Her cookies are dairy-free and egg-free. All vegan cookies contain zero cane sugar - instead, she uses brown rice syrup, fruit juice and/or coconut flower nectar. She's consistently told her cookies are the best tasting on the market.  Whole grains, clean ingredients, great taste - who says you can't have it all?

About Us

Michelle's Naturally: Origins

Michelle Millar grew up in Guyana, where she was always vegan. Then, at 20, she moved to California where her dad owned a vegan baking company. After a brief modeling career Michelle started her own company, also making vegan cookies. "I wanted mine to be totally different from his, more exotic," she says. "I played around with the recipe a little and added my own spices and ingredients."  With a little bit of luck and a whole lot of hard work, Michelle created her own product line and found a following in natural food stores across the West.
  1. Michelle vegan gluten-free
    Michelle Millar, founder, creative genius, scratch baker, wife, mom, passionate chef. People just seem to like her and anything that comes out of her kitchen!